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Since the formation of our company in 2015 our achievements include:

Of tax saving expenditure identified

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The reason for forming Cavetta Consulting was to provide a tailored client focused approach to delivering capital allowances rather that a corporate fee driven ethos.

The directors of Cavetta worked together for 10 years with a global property consultancy and therefore we feel that there are a number of reasons why clients should choose to work with Cavetta.

We are one of the few independent specialists in Scotland

Cavetta consulting have offices based in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  We undertake projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

However, living and working in Scotland allows us to service Scottish based clients number of ways:

  • We are local and therefore able to meet with you personally on a timely basis
  • We are able to respond quickly to survey requests in even the most remote parts of Scotland
  • We do not incur the additional costs that a London based consultancy would such as travel and accommodation
  • You will have access to duel qualified professionals with collectively nearly 30 years of experience in maximising taxation allowances

We get great results

Capital allowances can be claimed for the fixtures and fittings contained within a property when it is purchased. Tac relief is available at 8%, 18% and 100% depending on the type of fixture.

However, this proves problematic for accountants in a number of ways:

  • The split out of assets cannot be identified from the purchase contract.
  • To claim tax relief in this instance, HMRC will require a land valuation and estimated replacement cost of the building to be undertaken.
  • The building and site area will be required to be measured.
  • The exercise will require a site survey to identify and correctly value the items of qualifying plant and machinery.

We look at the individual circumstances of your client

We do not charge standard flat rates for capital allowances work.  Rather, we ask about the taxpayer’s circumstances at the proposal stage and illustrate the benefit of using our services via a cumulative cash flow illustration.

We don’t take a commission where we can’t add value

Before undertaking a commission, we undertake an evaluation to determine firstly if we feel that you need specialist advice (or whether we feel that the expenditure can be picked up by your accountant and secondly whether by using us, you will in the circumstances add value to your business in real terms. If we do not feel that we can add value, we do not accept the commission.

On going support

Our philosophy is that by continually talking with our Clients, we can identify opportunities that will allow them to maximise tax saving opportunities, which will in turn provide a cash-flow benefit allowing them to improve, enhance and develop their commercial property or wider business.

We don’t end our commission until the Capital allowances are agreed

We do not charge all of our fee at once. Moreover, we will charge a proportion on giving you the capital allowances for your tax return and the remainder once the capital allowances claim has been agreed with HM Revenue and Customs.

We do not overstate claims or advocate a risky approach

Whilst, we provide a low risk capital allowances claim preparation service, this does not translate to a low value claim submission.

We always keep our clients informed of any potential ‘grey’ areas that are identified during our assessment.

Edinburgh Office

The Edinburgh Office
64a Cumberland St

Phone: 0131 610 0056
Mobile: 07909 962279


Glasgow Office


Glasgow Office

22 Montrose Street
G1 1RE

Phone: 0141 432 0056
Mobile: 0770 333 4317


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