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We work closely with professional advisors from a wide range of sectors including construction, financial and legal, to offer a wider range of services, and in particular, access to specialist advice which is out with their expected professional expertise and training.

Our team, has over 25 years of collective experience of assisting professional advisors on the capital allowances implications, connected with their Client’s developments and transactions.

As an Accountant, you offer a number of services to your clients covering a number of accounting disciplines.  At Ċavetta Consulting, our construction knowledge and valuation experience can provide support to your accountancy practice, allowing you to add value to your Client’s business in a number of ways:

  • Helpline advice
  • Assisting with HMRC negotiations relating to your Client’s property
  • Providing tax planning advice in relation to the acquisition, alteration or development of property
  • CPD seminars

We can provide your practice, with the opportunity to enhance the range of specialist niche services you offer to your Clients. In particular, you can draw upon our construction and valuation expertise.

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Just as we are passionate about helping our clients reduce their tax liability, we also work with architects, interior designers and space planners who are passionate about design.

As an architect, you are in a unique position to be the most influential individual to generate tax efficiencies. In a new build or refurbishment project, which will provide significant cash-flow advantages for your Clients. However, we realise that you have a number of different roles to play on a project, including public safety and overseeing the project, which are often more important to you than tax.

Therefore, at Ċavetta Consulting one of our objectives is to provide support to you in maximising your Client’s tax savings.  We can provide assistance to you in a number of ways including:

  • providing access to initial high-level tax saving advice at the inception of the project
  • provide design reviews to ensure they are tax efficient, which may mitigate the need for value engineering the design
  • providing your team with the support to enable you to incorporate tax efficient elements within the designs
  • providing you with advice to allow you to specify components that will allow your client to benefit from 100% and 150% tax reliefs

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As Chartered Surveyors ourselves, we appreciate the wide variety of work that a general practice surveyor undertakes both in and out of the office. We have worked with a number of general practice surveyors involved in the management, valuation, buying, selling and development of land and property, to provide them with a tax valuation service to their Clients.

We understand for you, that the change to the rules on claiming capital allowances, in relation to fixtures contained in second-hand properties, has added further levels of due diligence before a transaction is completed.  This is where Ċavetta Consulting can assist you to ensure the deal is completed on time.

Traditionally, the impact of capital allowances in sale and letting transactions was considered post completion. However, for tax relief to be maximised, it must be considered at the stage where the heads of terms are being agreed in a transaction, and the change in legislation has encouraged that.

At Ċavetta Consulting, our objective is to provide support to you by adding value to your business in a number of ways, including:

  • facilitating commercial property transactions to proceed smoothly, by carrying out a full capital allowances health check on the property before it goes to market
  • giving you the tools to help realise the market value in relation to contaminated or derelict land
  • assisting you to structure tax efficient lease incentives for your Clients.
  • providing an election preparation service that fully meets the requirements of the Capital Allowances Act 2001
  • by recommending clauses to be contained commercial sales and with respect to agreements for lease

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As Chartered Surveyors ourselves, we appreciate the wide variety of work that a quantity surveyor and project manager undertakes, both in the office and on construction sites. However, you are often in a position to impact the tax savings a Client might achieve, but may not have the knowledge to assist. That is where Ċavetta Consulting can assist you.

At Ċavetta Consulting our objective is to provide support to you to add value to your business.  In particular, we can provide assistance by:

  • by forecasting the cash-flow advantages of capital allowances and land remediation relief we can improve projects viability.
  • providing advice that would allow you to encourage an improved building specification.
  • providing ongoing advice in relation to the tax implications of any variations or value engineering.
  • providing you with a review of the costs and specification, to allow you to identify areas where the tax efficiency of the project can be improved.
  • reviewing contractual obligations and delivery vehicles to ensure that the corporate structure is appropriate to maximise tax relief.

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As a commercial property solicitors, you are often faced with the problem of having to work on a significant number of property transactions at one time, ranging in degrees of complexity.  In addition, the significant changes to the rules on claiming capital allowances for fixtures contained within second-hand properties, has added further levels of due diligence for you.

At Ċavetta Consulting, our objective is to provide support to you, to allow you to add value to your business. We can provide assistance in a number of ways.

  • by reviewing the questions asked and responses provided at the due diligence stage of the transactions, to ensure that the responses are adequate and highlight areas where further clarification should be sought.
  • by compiling and reviewing the CPSE responses to purchasers and recommending any further action that may be needed in advance of the sale.
  • by offering an election preparation service that fully meets the stipulations of the Capital Allowances Act 2001.
  • by recommending clauses that should be included within the purchase agreement and the agreement for lease.

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